Music-Oriented Publications of Vidushi Dr.Geetha Seetharam

Noopura (1993): Book published by Swathi Prakashana, Mysuru, is the first collection of dance-oriented musical compositions of Dr.Geetha has twenty compositions pertaining to all musical forms like sloka, swarajati, shabdam, kriti, padavarna, keertane, javali, padam, thillana. The compositions are in Sanskrit, Kannada, Tamil and Hindi.

Nada Nudi Saurabha (2015): Published by Karnataka Sangeetha Nritya Academy, Bengaluru is an anthology of Dr.Geetha’s 101 own compositions. It consists of many musical forms like Sloka, Swarajati, Shabdam, Tanavarna, Varnadaru, Padavarna, Kriti, Keertane, Bhavageete, Padam, Javali, Ashtapadi, Vachana, Thillana, Ugaboga, Bhajan and Mangala. The compositions are in Sanskrit, Kannada, Tamil and Hindi.

Geetha Sindhu (1998): A double cassette album published by Swathi Prakashana, Mysuru consists of 24 own musical compositions of Dr.Geetha. Anandanatana Padavarna in Raga Nagaswaravali which has multiple nades; Dasavathara Raga/Tala Malika; Padavarna in Kalyanavasantha depicting Ramayana; Padavarna in Amrutha Varshini on Krishna; Varnadaru in Bhairavi are its hightlights. The compositions are in Sanskrit, Kannada, Tamil and Hindi. Her own raga Deepadarshini also unfolds here.

Geetha Madhuri (2004): Published by Swathi Prakashana, Mysuru is a bouquet of Dr.Geetha’s 12 Thillanas in Rare Ragas like Sarvashri, Mahati, Lavangi, Vaasanthi and Janaranjani; and Hindustani Ragas like Sindhubhairavi, Bahaar, Dwijavanthi, Brindavani and Thilang. Thillanas are in Sanskrit, Kannada and Hindi. Her own raga Jayasimha is also delineated.

Geetha Rashmi (2006): An audio album published by Swathi Prakashana, Mysuru comprises of 23 of Dr.Geetha’s own compositions. Sampoorna Ramayana Shabdam; Padavarna on Kaalinga Mardhana Krishna in Natakuranji with five ‘nades’s, songs on the holy trinity; kritis and thillanas. A Tamil Padam in her own raga ‘Deepadarshini’ is included. Compositions are in Sanskrit, Kannada and Tamil.

Dhanya, Hiranmayi, Lakshmi (2012): An audio album published by Swathi Prakashana, Mysuru. Comprises of 8 compositions of Dr.Geetha on goddess Lakshmi. A sloka followed by a Swarajati in Behag, Kritis in Sumanasa Ranjani and Tilang, Padavarna in Reetigoula, Keeratane in Keeravani, Bhavageete in Deepadarshini and Tillana in Revati are its highlights.

Vandane Abhivandane (2014): This audio album published by Swathi Prakashana, Mysuru has 16 compositions in Sanskrit, Kannada and Tamil. They are own compositions of Dr.Geetha on Saints and Vaggeyakaras like Tyagaraja, Mudduswami Dikshitar, Shyama Sastry, Purandaradasa, Swathi Tirunal, Muttaiah Bhagavatar, Veene Sheshanna, Vasudevacharya, Bidaram Krishnappa, Mysore Sadashiva Rao, Choudaiah, Jayachamaraja Wodeyar, Papanasam Sivan, M.S.Subbalakshmi, Lalgudi Jayaraman and Dr.M.Balamuralikrishna.

Vasantha Geetha (2008): This audio album has 27 songs for children. It consists of a variety of songs for festivals, patriotic songs, naadageete, devaramas, bhavageete and kritis. Even a five year old can repeat it with ease.

Sirinompi (2009): is an audio album of Sri Andal’s Tiruppavai in Kannada (30 verses of 8 lines). The lyrics are by late Vajapeyam Srirangachar. Music composition and rendering is done by Dr.Geetha. The audio album is published by Dr.Vajapeyam S.Srinivasan.

Aravinda Pushpamala Part-II (2016): The lyrics of this audio album of devotional songs are written by Smt.L.S.Indira Bai Seshagiri Rao. The music composition and singing is done by Dr.Geetha. This audio album has twenty songs and is published by Smt.L.S.Madhura.

Thyagaraja Geethamrutha (2018): This audio album published by Swathi Prakashana, Mysuru comprises of 28 kritis of Saint Tyagaraja, in Kannada form. Dr.Geetha has translated Tyagaraja Kritis to Kannada and has sung them in the same ragas and talas.

Nadabramha Rachanamruta Part-I (2015) Part-II (2018): These booklets published by Swathi Prakashana, Mysuru comprises of a hundred [50 (I) and 50 (II) Tyagaraja Kritis] translated to Kannada by Dr.Geetha. These Kannada kritis can be sung in the same ragas and talas of the originals.

Literary Publications of Dr.Geetha Seetharam

Beli (1984): Dr.Geetha Seetharam’s first published novel. The theme is based on astrology and psychology which affects a women’s personality and the life of those who surround her. It is published by Odanadi Prakashana, Nanjangud.

Nelalu (2010, 2016): This is a collection of four novels of Dr.Geetha Seetharam. Beli, Aasare, Nakutanti and Nelalu under one cover. Aasare revolves round the student life of Shilpa and Kala; Nakutanti is the loving bondage between a teacher and student Sudheendra and Mridula. Nelalu is woven around the life of Neha, who is like a tree’s cool shade to everyone; she comes across in her life. This is published by Swathi Prakashana, Mysuru. Beli was published in Samyukta Karnataka and Aasare in Kannada Prabha. Nakutanti was published in Raaga Sangama magazine and Nelalu in Mayura monthly magazine.

Saasiveyalli Saagara (2013): This mini short story collection, published by Panchajanya publications, Bangalore has 200 mini stories. Dr.Geetha has conveyed great thoughts and messages through these mini stories. For those readers who have no time, these half-a-page stories are a boon.

Angaiyalli Aagasa (2015): This mini short story collection, published by Panchajanya publications, Bangalore has 251 meaningful mini stories of half a page each. For a busy audience, this book conveys as big a message as the wide sky, in a small palm.

Kanasu kanda Cholarasa Paarthibha (2016): This historical novel by Dr.Geetha Seetharam is a translation of a famous Tamil novel written fifty years ago by ‘Kalki’. Geethanjali publications, Bangalore has published this. It is a lengthy novel with 362 pages describing the thrilling story of Chola and Pandya dynasties.

Shaapa (2016): This is a translated play by Dr.Geetha Seetharam. The original drama in English ‘The Brahmin’s Curse’ is by Sri T.P.Kailasam, a noted playwright of Kannada literature. The original play is in a tough ‘Victorian English’. Dr.Geetha has ventured to bring it into Kannada as a five act play. The play revolves round the tragedy of Karna’s life due to a curse by his Brahmin teacher Parashurama. This play published by Swara Print and Publications, Bangalore is sure to win the hearts of readers.

Kadalu (1994, 2011): This is Dr.Geetha’s first short-story collection. The 1994 edition has 17 stories and the revised 2011 edition has 22 short stories. ‘Sahitya Suggi’, Bangalore has published this collection. Many of the stories in this collection have won prizes in competitions. Most of them have been published in leading weeklies, monthlies and dailies of Karnataka. As we get precious stones and pearls in the ocean, we are bound to get precious gems in this ocean of experience of Dr.Geetha.

Rangadarshana: Two Plays (2004): This booklet is a Rangadarshana (stage show) of two seven act plays written by Dr.Geetha based on the life and achievements of two stalwert Vaggeyakaras-Maharaja Swathi Thirunal and known violinist T.Chowdaiah of Mysore. Both these are suitable for enacting on stage as musical and dance ballets. Swathi Prakashana, Mysore has published this.

Geetha Lahari (2004): This is Dr.Geetha Seetharam’s first collection of skits written by her. Swathi Prakashana, Mysore has published this booklet. Many of the skits in this book have been published by leading daily, weekly and monthly magazines of Karnataka. A few are prize winning skits too.

Saptaswara: Mini Novel (2011): This novel written by Dr.Geetha Seetharam was first published as a continued novel in ‘Vanita’, a leading Kannada monthly. The novel revolves round the lives of seven women and their messages to society. The women are compared to the seven notes of music. The mini novel is published by Jagriti Printers, Bangalore. Dr.Geetha received the Vishweshwarayya Literary Award for this novel.

Bheeshma/Urmila Play (1996): Two plays written by Dr.Geetha, ‘Bheeshma’ and ‘Urmila’ based on the characters of Mahabharata and Ramayana, are published by Swathi Prakashana, Mysuru under one cover. They were earlier broadcasted by All India Radio, Mysuru. Bheeshma is a seven act play while Urmila has four acts. These two plays which depict different forms of sacrifice are good for stage shows.

Janani (2008): This book published by Swathi Prakashana, Mysuru is a collection of articles and poems on ‘mother’. Dr.Geetha Seetharam has edited this collection of heart touching renderings in English and Kannada. Noted writers like Sri/Smt. De.Ja.Gou, HSK, Nissar Ahmed, Chidananda Gowda, Tarini Chidananda, Gowramma Srinivasa Murthy, Ishwara Daitota, Geetha Krishnamurthy, Sandya Pai, Rama Bennar, Kru.Ramachandra, Srivatsa Kalbagal, Aravinda Murthy, Khadri Patchu, Khadri Shantha, Geetha Srinivas, Gorur Srinivasamurthy, B.Chennakeshava, A.S.Chandramouli, Tulasi Ramachandra, H.R.N.Murthy, Rangamani Rajan, Ranganath.B.K, Lilli Achar, Vidya Murthy, Vasantha Kalbagal, Vedavathi, Vinoda Ravi, Pushpa Sheshadri & Geetha Seetharam have contributed to this book.

Mahamaate Sri Sharadadevi (1997): A prize winning essay written by Dr.Geetha Seetharam in a state level competition organized by Sharada Shanti Ashram, Bangalore, has been published by the Ashram itself as a small booklet. ‘The relevance of Srimata’s life and teachings today is the theme of this essay. Dr.Geetha’s presentation is simple, beautiful, majestic and stately.

Sambandhamaale (2009): This anthology of poems written by several poets is edited by Dr.Geetha Seetharam and published by Swathi Prakashana. Poems on various occasions like birthdays, marriage, wedding anniversary, house warming, book release, farewell, final goodbye and festivals, are in this collection. Poems are in Kannada and English.

Pustaka: Nimageshtu Gottu? (1992): This booklet is categorized under children’s literature. In this booklet published by Triveni Publications, Mysuru. Dr.Geetha explains in simple words the origin, development, external appearance, stages of publishing of books, protection of books and the new forms of book, leading to paperless society.

Karnataka Sangeetha Nadedu Banda Daari (1992): Dr.Geetha has written about the journey of Karnatic Music in India, in simple words. This is categorized under children’s literature and published by Triveni Publications, Mysuru. The writer traces the origin of music to Vedas and Saptaswaras to cries of animals, she narrates the uniqueness of Indian music, its milestones, Uttaradi and Dakshinadi types of music, development of karnatic music, music stalwerts of 19th C, contribution of Wodeyars; and strides in 20th and 21st C.

Washingtonalli Vivaha (2018):: Tamil novel of Cha.Vishwanathan (Chavi) which was published in ‘Ananda Vikatan’ a leading tamil weekly, has been translated to Kannada by Dr.Geetha and published by Panchajanya publications, Bangalore. ‘Chavi’, had imagined an Indian marriage taking place in USA, fifty years back. This novel, with Gopulu’s drawings attracted the readers very much. Dr.Geetha’s translation will also do the same to Kannada readers.

Baduku Paarijaata (2020): Short story collection: In this collection there are 9 stories written by Dr.Geetha. Along with published stories like Yashodhara, Paarijaata, Pannaa, Sandhaanavo-Sangraamavo? Gejjeya Hejje, Daana and Mounada Chippu there are a few unpublished stories too.

Raaja Kalaavida (2018) (unpublished): A Kannada novel woven around the life of the great painter Raja Ravi Varma.